Love Locks Project

NONaffart is proud to announce our collaboration with the Blackwood Miners’ Institute, St Gwladys’ Church, the Winding house and White Rose Primary School in New Tredegar with the support of Fusion Caerphilly and Torfaen, in a project that will bring the local and wider community together in this time of lockdown – The Love Locks Community Project. The project was officially launched on the 25th January 2021 and over 400 Pack have already gone out to the community. Thank you all for your support and time taken to make these lovely Love Locks. See some of young supports and their master pieces.

Love locks traditionally are symbolic of love and commitment in ancient culture. This was believed to have originated in China where lovers used to lock a padlock onto a gate or chain and then throw the key away thereby locking their love together symbolically forever. This custom has been copied around the world where cities have gates, fences, and even bridges where people can attach their own padlock.

We have decided to use the theme of padlocks to symbolically represent the current COVID lockdown and help to bring people together in a communal activity. The use of the padlock is both a play on word ‘padlock’ with it’s connotation of sec

During this project we will be delivering packs with some materials for the activity and offering online tutorials showing and explaining different techniques and instructions people can use. Some materials found at home can also be used in the project.

Once complete the Love Locks will then be attached to a visible structure in a public place to be revealed on launch day.