NONaffArt Splat 2023

What is a Splat party? 

A room for you to let loose, splat paint with friends and family with the guidance of our Splat Assistant.

Get creative to a good old disco beat, aim your paint at the easel, aim it at the floor! Use our special splatter equipment to create more and more splats.

This is a time for you to have fun, get messy and create your own Jackson Pollock style canvas masterpiece…

How do we book?

The basic Jackson Pollock Splat package is where you can choose your own colour scheme to create your artwork. It comes with a standard canvas, upbeat music, lights, and safety equipment.  To make it more special you can add from the additional options.  

A splatter party is great for all ages (6+) to book all you need to do is purchase the basic package and add on any additional items from the list below.  

What we provide?


Basic starter splat is £300 based on 2-10 people. This includes:

  • 6 colour paint palette,
  • 1 x 16” x 20” canvas per person
  • Tools to paint
  • Upbeat music
  • Party light
  • Safety gear – goggles, shoe covers, gloves, paint suit 


Neon-metallic multi colour pastel paints  

  • Girl – barbie pink, baby pink, rose pink, gold, rose gold, white
  • Boy – royal blue, baby blue, turquoise blue, purple, silver, white 


Spin Splat

  • 3 mini canvases and 3 colour paint palettes – £25 (Spin a canvas to create a fun and dramatic spiral effect using our wheel). 

Pendulum Splat

  • 1 Large canvas plus 6 colour paint palettes – £50 (Swing a pendulum paint tool and watch as it follows elliptical paths of colour). 

Sculpture Splat

  • 1 x 6-inch bust 3 plus colour paint palette – £28 (Splatter the sculpture from all directions and take home your very own modern Greek bust for display).

Paint Pistol Splat (Adults Only)

  • 1 Large canvas – £50 plus 4-colour paint palette (Lock and load for this paint pistol experience, use 4-guns plus 4-colours. just make sure you don’t run out…).


  • 24” x 30” canvas for the additional cost of £10If you want to make a bigger statement with your creation, then you can swap up a larger size canvas.


  • Ages & Numbers – £8
  • Special dates – £8
  • Alphabets, names or initials – £8
  • Images (love heart, cakes, cute icons) – £8

CANDY CART £50 per group booking 

CAKE & DONUTS £60 per group booking 


Bar service on request at an additional £50 for 2-hours

Contact us for personalised options

To discuss personalised options, venues and dates please contact us at

Transporting Artwork

Please arrange to transport your canvases (which will be still wet) home with you before the event begins.

We can also provide you with a box to transport your masterpiece home at an additional cost of £4.50 each. Large-sized canvases will need to be collected within the following day once they are fully dry.

Please be advised that whilst we provide paint suits, we cannot guarantee that paint will not get through to your clothes, so please wear old clothes or bring a change of clothing with you.

Thank you!