Resident Artist: Amira Hasoon

Amira Hasoon is a mixed media artist who was born and raised in Oxford. She obtained her BA (Hons) in Drawing for Fine Art Practice from Oxford University and later completed a BSc (Hons) in Social Psychology from The Open University in 2020.

Having had the privilege of participating in Artist in Residence programs in Manchester, NH, and Maitland, FL, in the United States, as well as in Gloucestershire, UK, Hasoon has enriched her artistic journey through diverse experiences.

In her work, she explores narratives within environments, aiming to comprehend her own ontological journey in relation to the world around her.  The driving force behind her creations stems from a conscious awareness, inspired by a quote from the Art novelist John Berger: ‘…the way we see things is affected by what we know or believe’.

Hasoon’s art mirrors an understanding that individual cognitive processes influence adaptive behaviour in response to the environment.  This adaptive behaviour, in turn, shapes how individuals perceive and position themselves within the world.  She holds the belief that vision is inherently subjective, and the act of looking is a deliberate choice that assists in defining one’s place in the surrounding world.  Her goal is to embed the portrayal of tangible existences and the essence of being part of human interaction in her works.

Naturally inclined towards creating small, detailed works, Hasoon believes that they demand a different kind of attention compared to larger pieces.  This approach allows her to establish a connection with the audience on an intimate and relatable level.

Treeptych Series, 2023
Treeptych Series (1) (2023), Fine Liner & graphite
Treeptych Series (2) (2023), Fine Liner & graphit3
Treeptych Series (3) (2023), Fine Liner & graphite