Resident Artist: Ellie Stitfall

Somerset born and Cardiff based artist Ellie Stitfall is a recent Graduate of Cardiff school of Art and Design, after studying Fine art BA and MFA from 2019-2023. Using collage to explore ideas of identity, purpose, and self-reflection, she subverts the playful nature of the medium by addressing these personal themes in her practice. 

Work for women artists is never just the moment when we write or do other art… In the fullest sense, it is also the time spent in contemplation and preparation. This solitary space is sometimes a place where dreams and visions enter and sometimes a place where nothing happens.” [Bell Hooks, 1995] 

Inspired by the Dadaist movement and the female collage artists that predecess her, she aims to create artwork that holds space for feminist discourse. Interested in how collage has been a factor in facilitating discourse for female artists both historically, in contemporary art and for herself. 

Experimenting with scale to playfully explore ideas surrounding taking up space as a woman. A large portion of her collage practice is through representing the female body in relation to its environment, how they take up the space whilst also becoming part of the landscape itself. 

‘Crystal catching’, paper collage (2022)
‘Untitled’, digital collage (2021)
‘A moment of peace’, paper collage (2023)