SWARM Artist Statement: Carlie Edge

Carlie is a published Welsh illustrator, with a background in graphic design. Creating illustrations both digitally, using Procreate and traditionally using dip-pen and ink. Carlie focuses on drawing expressive characters from imagination to tell stories of her experiences. Inspired by culture and nature Carlie regularly comes to Cwmcarn forest. Having formally been a musician, she also draws to music, and drew thirty images inspired by the Welsh band Super Furry Animals, for Inktober 2021.

“For Swarm of Emotions I was inspired by the recent Pandemic and the topic of mental health, and the quick fixes people reach for during difficult times. Illustrating the feeling of being mentally overwhelmed by emotions, the falling feeling of anxiety. The character in the for front holds a mobile phone. Seeking connection via a window to a swarm of information. The pizza and the wine repressed reaching out for a quick fix and distraction in difficult times. In turn these people, swarmed by emotions, make there own swarm. A glimpse of a population after what we have all been through together. The sky represent hope. The highs and lows shown in the swarm show a cycle. At what point does falling become flying and flying became falling again. Showing the beauty in change, in the ebb and flow of the swarm.”

Carlie has created a wide range of graphics from illustrated stationery, to infographics and illustrations for many companies including ONS and Media Wales. Her work has been widely syndicated by a range of print and online titles including The Guardian, Wales on Line and the Western Mail and Echo.