SWARM Artist Statement: Formless (Philip Davies)

Born in Newport, Wales and currently living in the Rhymney Valley, Caerphilly. I studied Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff. Graduating with my B.A. (Hons) and as a Master of Fine Art. I am a mixed media artist and use film, sound, installation, drawing and painting to create my visions.


The thin line between imagination and reality is where my artwork emerges drawing inspiration from myth, symbolism, unconscious thought. I am deeply interested in the unnatural, the strange and mysterious. This interest has instilled in me a sense to explore and represent the enigmatic in my artwork.

My art is how I converse with these experiences, my own way to comprehend the world through creating a personal language and symbolism that interacts with my deepest inner thoughts.


“The living together in more or less intimate or close union of dissimilar organisms”

My concept idea for swarm is based on the idea of symbiosis an interconnected relationship between organisms be it beneficial or parasitic

My artwork seeks to mirror this intimate relationship, a union of unconscious thought with natural organic shapes, flowing through an interconnected world. An extension of my unconscious mind into a world within a world

A formless space, my installation drawings, and sound seek to bind these disparate structures, the natural world root, branch, rock, earth, the human body into a symbiotic structure, a mirror to nature and symbiosis.