NONaffArt Studio

NONaffArt has a fine art studio space at the Newbridge Memo where our talented collective of artists take up residence. It is a local Grade 2 listed building that has embraced the idea of working with local artists by engaging the community in the collaboration of future events, exhibitions workshops with NONaffArt, and even the sale of local Welsh artwork.

The studio is split into two rooms with one designed for artists who work in mainly 2D. We already have residents who work in drawing, painting, and mixed media artwork. Each space has semitransparent partitions to make the most of the light sources from various sources (overhead and large windows) which gives the space an open feel.

The studio has been designed so that each artist has their own private space to work in. The studio is also useful for meeting and discussing ideas and learning new interests and techniques from other artists.

In our Ceramic/Print studio artists have access to a large communal table in which to work on in the centre of the room with 4 studio spaces with their own workbench. there is access to a kiln for firing ceramic work and two vintage printing presses, one is for Lino and Woodblock and the second is a 1910 Hughes & Kimber etching press for dry-point, etching and printing metal plates.

Studio Space’s for Rent

NONaffart is offering studio spaces for under £30 per week!

Each space is 2-metres by 3-metres and is well lit through the use of clear acrylic walls for each space (in the fine art studio) which lets in more natural light for the artist to work. It is also furnished with a worktable and a storage cupboard (these can be removed and replaced with new resident’s own equipment.

In addition to this we also offer each resident artist:

  • An online presence through our website with an artist’s profile and gallery of work with regular updates through our blog.
  • Publicity of work and career through our social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).
  • Access to NONaffArt courses to learn and develop new skills.
  • Earning potential through workshops and collaberative projects.
  • Use of NONaffArt equipment.
  • Advice and support from our specialist technicians (print, ceramics, fine art, etc.).
  • A chance to take part in our exhibitions through open call.
  • A chance to exhibit in our monthly Box gallery resident artist exhibitions.
  • A sociable and friendly supportive community in which to discuss art.

How to get to our studio

We have good transport links with buses stopping directly outside the Newbridge Memo every 15 minutes from Newport and trains from Cardiff running every hour to the train station in Newbridge.

Residency Types

At the moment we have 2 Residency types available, offering access to a space to work in where art will be safe and untouched to be worked on when you return to your studio space. A chance to take part in any future art exhibitions. Access to advice and support from other professional artists with a chance to learn new skills in a supportive environment. Why not get in touch?

3 Month (Full Space)

(Price on request)

3 month rolling contact. Offers security and a permeant space. Ideal for professional and established artists.

1 Month (Full Space)

(Price on request)

Monthly rolling contact. Offers flexibility to artist not wanting to be tied into a long residency

How to apply

Please enquire below. We will send you an application to complete and submit along with a short portfolio. We will then be in touch to arrange an informal meeting to see how we all get along.

Want to get in touch with us?

Please email us at