NONaffArt Artist of the Month: Rosa Challenger

Rosa Challenger has been attending NONaffArt Fine Art lessons for the past year and has shown great progress in her both her painting and drawing skills, producing some beautiful work showing the development of a strong technique.

When Rosa started she was a complete beginner and had not attended art classes since school, Rosa wanted to attend art lessons to escape daily stresses and have a hobby to loose herself in. Although Rosa had a long break from art she clearly does not lack the skill or capability, her confidence has grown with every session.

It’s always exciting to see what Rosa will create when she is shown a new technique or style, Rosa literally laps up every challenge with positivity and excitement to learn something new. Rosa is a mum of two that also joined our creative sessions, she just couldn’t wait to get started herself, and we are glad you did. We look forward to seeing what other work you will produce in future!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ROSA you are NONaffArt’s Artist and Participant of the month.

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