10th Anniversary Splatter Party for Daniel and Louise

NONaffArt would like to wish a happy 10th anniversary to Daniel and Louise Hathway (with their daughter Lila). We set up a splatter party for them and their daughter so that they could have fun creating their own unique artwork to celebrate the anniversary. They had the full package we offer including splatter painting on large canvases followed by spin painting mini canvases all washed … Continue reading 10th Anniversary Splatter Party for Daniel and Louise

What is Printmaking?

Printmaking is a specialism that covers a wide range of techniques and processes, and it includes lino cut, wood block, monotype, collograph, etching and drypoint and a range of other techniques that give you a wide variety of different outcomes in appearance. The distinction with printmaking compared with most other art techniques and processes is you can do a repeat print. Basically, create a design … Continue reading What is Printmaking?