Menna Evans

NONaffArt Resident Artist

Fashion & Textiles Designer


I graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a First Class Honours in Fashion Design in 2021 and soon after leaving started the Brand Naturesthreadss not long after.

For more information about Naturesthreadss go to for more details.

Art Practice

Within my practice I focus entirely on Creating Sustainably by hand through a variety of different textile techniques. My work is inspired by nature and the idea of making something from nothing. Within my practice I like to work on a no waste policy, ensuring any waste produced can then be fed into another technique to create something new, this ensuring a continuum of sustainability. 

I also deliver workshops focused on sustainable textile techniques I use within my practice, encouraging others to think sustainably when creating & teaching others the Naturesthreadss way!! I love to teach & inspire; I have worked in & out of schools with a variety of different age groups since graduating & am now taking this passion of teaching & inspiring through to Naturesthreadss.

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