Resident Artist: Leigh Williams

Leigh Williams uses sculpture and painting to discuss the relationship we have with our bodies through an awareness of form and shape. The forms of the body inspire her work, often working from life, chronicling the curves and volumes of the body in clay and plaster. 

Leigh is inspired by the history of sculptural materials that are tied to the creation of monuments, using them to create her own monuments of the human body. She finds an importance in creating monuments to the fat female body in particular, celebrating it in attempt to contribute to the journeys of self acceptance and appreciation. 

Inspired by the abstracted exploration of form and touch in mid century sculpture, Leigh aspires to connect these ideas within her own figurative work whilst incorporating feminist theory and the documentation of women in comfort portrayed through the female lens. Combining these ideas in order to create works that feel like a warm embrace, encouraging a healthy approach to one’s own body.

’An Ode to Katy Dierlam’, 2022, plaster and polystyrene, 164 x 170 x 90 cm.
Glory II’, plaster and polystyrene, 110 x 112 x 90 cm