Resident Artist: Louis Smith

Louis Smith is a sculptor and maker with an interest in anything hands on or messy and most at home working on something so big you cannot tell what it is until you are standing far away from it! 

Louis work is based in large scale sculpture, puppetry and interactive installation. He is most interested in the interaction between the art and the observer or audience. 

Louis Studied BA (Hons) ‘Design for Performance’ at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where he specialised in Sculpture and Making.

Since graduating he has created large scenic props and other handmade objects for companies in and around South Wales such as the BBC and National Theatre Wales including large scale work that includes fully mechanised puppets and enormous hats amongst a wide range of commissions and outcomes .

Throughout Louis artistic development his work has always been centred on the magical and mythological and how various forms of art could tell stories. Alongside his strong interest in performance and musicianship, Louis is interested in discovering sustainable materials, approaches, and new ways to integrate them into professional making practices.  

Growing up in an area which up until recently has been underfunded in the arts Louis has a keen interest in community-based art and workshops, working alongside companies to create accessible art within local communities for everyone to see.  All work is designed to be touched and interacted with a goal to remove that ‘do not touch’ mentality that is ingrained in us from an early age when looking at public art. 

Parthenon metope, Polystyrene, 2m/2m (2021)
‘Untitled’, Buff Clay, 60cm (2022)
‘Study’ Terracotta clay, 60cm (2020)