SWARM Artist Statement: Ceri Donavan

A familiar story to many, Ceri loved to draw as a child, growing up in the South Wales Valleys, but after graduating with a degree in fashion and textile design in 1992, working life took over and art practice was forgotten. That was until many years later, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and inspired by an old college friend returned to art as a distraction from the pain and fatigue. She now loves to experiment with different subjects and media and enjoys the challenge of detailed still life and complex subjects rendered in coloured pencil. She is also a student of NONaffArt’s Fine Art Friday.


The brief was to depict “Swarm” but without the use of bees, so required some lateral thinking. Swarm can be defined as “a large number of people or things” and forms the concept behind these drawings. These drawings also aim to capture the chaotic nature of swarming insects, but yet there is still regularity in the shapes and colours.