SWARM Artist Statement: Frank Aitken

Director of NONaffArt

Frank Aitken Graduated from Cardiff University, Howard Gardens in 2000 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art majoring in sculpture and printmaking. He then completed a PGCE and has worked in the education sector for over 20 years where he has taught a wide range of creative art specialisms across many disciplines. He is a trained printmaker and artist who likes to explore how language, meaning, and memory is used (both textually and visually).

“I have always been fascinated by how the written and visual language works within society and how it surrounds objects, memory and meaning. I also have an interest in the way it is transmitted through both text and the visual arts and more importantly its accuracy of meaning.”

Artist Statement

The work displayed represents an experiment with the use of monotype printmaking on a large scale. The work represents an interpretation of movement within a swarm using the monotype techniques.

Monotype printmaking is a technique where each print is created using a copper plate on which ink is rolled and the design or image is then drawn before printing using an etching press. There is an unpredictability with monotype as each print is unique and can produce a wide range of different effects.

I like the unpredictability with monotype printing as each print is unique and you are never quite sure that a design is going to work until it has rolled through the press!