SWARM Artist Statement: Louise Soale

Louise has BA HONS degree in Painting and Drawing from Swansea Institute and has worked in Community art-based projects and Art education. She studied in Caerleon for her PGCE before starting a teaching career for Newport Council in Adult Education and Youth work.  Louise has also worked as a lecturer in a local college for the past 19 years to current day.


My work is heavily inspired from the landscape around me, the walks and memories of the landscape that I have experienced to current day. The surroundings, weather conditions, lighting, colours and textures are important factors in my work, and I try to capture this in my studies. I don’t class my work as finished or complete- but more in the process of recording a sense of place.  For SWARM, I have focussed on the concept of a swarm of seeds, undergrowth that feature in the landscape. The colours, textures, and forms that cluster together and create chaos in the natural world.”

I use a range of media in my work is intuitively placed and explored to try and capture the colours, textures and forms that I see. I use collagraph, embroidery, mark-making, drawing and painting to capture what I see and add tactile qualities to my work.