SWARM Artist Statement: Tania Bryan

Creative Director of NONaffArt. 

Tania graduated from Howard Gardens UWIC in 2006 with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting and Drawing. Tania went on to work as a College Lecturer teaching Creative Arts at a local college which she embraced for 12 years and then moved into community art and the creative industry as Director of NONaffArt where she is passionate about developing a creative culture within local and wider community near to her home town. 

‘I have a diverse interest in almost any subject matter’ and what you would call an ‘eclectic’ portfolio of work, ranging from sculpture to Fine Art painting and Drawing’


‘Silent Communication’

Silent Communication refers to the concept of movement and communication of multiples acting as one through subconscious and intuitive language. Silent communication is inherently seen through all living species and this work is explores the aesthetic of movement through silent communication of a swarmed mass without any figurative depiction of species or life form allowing the viewer to subjectively interpret the artwork. 

‘I have always had an interest in the concept of light and how light gives life and in this piece of work I have combined drawing, print, reflection, and the over exposure of light on to surface texture to emanate the movement of a Swarmed mass of pattern and form. 

I wanted to emphasise the annoyance and almost disturbing feeling that is created by a swarmed mass yet bring the viewers’ attention to the incredible beauty, aesthetic, and abstract patterns intrinsic to nature and its silent communication.