SWARM Artist Statement: TEMMAH (Rebecca Hammett)

Rebecca Jayne Hammett MFA. Sudo name TEMMAH. Rebecca is a Multi Disciplined Visual Artist. Since completing the masters in Cardiff metropolitan 2015 her practise has focused on body sculpture/apparatus, mark making becoming consequential. This has resulted in a continuum of experiments that started exploring the parameters of the human body and its awareness of the prosthetic; creating a developing interplay with control between the sculpture/apparatus and her self. This experimentation has developed to embrace her own body’s current position. Position in regards to social and political aspects. Allowing this to govern the shape or look of said body exoskeleton/apparatus/sculpture, everting inverting of domestic memorabilia and the marks that would be produced river become more in a constant state of flux as most materials that are currently being considered are unstable.


Fragile Armour

Medium: Triptych video projection.

This work entitled ‘Fragile Armour‘ responses to the current theme of swarm in two ways first of all The body pots are in response to the EXO skeleton body frame of the horseshoe crab around for 450 million years they have incredible blood of blue colour that contains important immune cells that are exceptionally sensitive to toxic bacteria. When those cells meet invading bacteria, they clot around it and protect the rest of the horseshoe crab’s body from toxins Because of this it is used to test new vaccines. first connection to the idea of swarm Is the look as horseshoe crabs ascend The beaches it looks like a swarm of horseshoe crabs as they swarm onto the beach. I think the second way is that the horseshoe crab blood responds to an invading body can be seen as a swarming attack.

Using the horseshoe crab as the foundation of study She has created body pinch pots that I will place around her body And funnel ink into them creating a slow motion triptych video this performative video work sometimes referred to as performing for the camera could be seen as an homage to the horseshoe crab That is in the background and responsible for saving many human beings lives without the incredible ability of the horseshoe crabs blood it would be hard to test new vaccines.