SWARM Artist Statement: Tina Textiles

Tina Textiles in Contemporary Textile Artist and volunteer at NONaffart.

Tina has always been interested in textiles ever since her childhood fascinated with textures and colours and how things are constructed. Tina has a BA Hons Degree in Contemporary Textiles and PGCE in post 16 teaching.

‘I have been taught and inspired by many factors encouraging me to explore and develop my skills. I am drawn to hand stitching and creating textures, using different techniques, materials, and colour.

 Luckily my journey has led me to discover many styles and techniques over time combining them to create unusual pieces of work’


Many of us feel a strong connection with nature and have an appreciation of nature’s ability to create colours and patterns which are constantly changing in the environment around us.

My designs are not a representation of visual truth but rather a visual display which necessitates a unique interpretation for the viewer, which is influenced by the viewer’s thoughts, existential experience and being.  As the creative artist, I do not expect any individual to react to my artistry in the same manner but to find their own sense of a swarm and its relevance within nature.

The techniques I used to create my pieces are 3D sculpture, Shibori, embroidery, free machine embroidery and bead work