‘Swarm’ Art Exhibition at Cwmcarn Forest Visitor Centre – 15th 21st August 2022

The Cwmcarn Forest Visitor Centre is surrounded by some spectacular countryside. There is a lake and many paths that can lead you around and to the top of Twmbarlwm where it is said that the body of Bran, a giant Silurian chieftain is buried, his body and gold protected by a swarm of bees if anyone tries to steal the treasure. It is also said that he will rise out of the earth in defence of Wales if it is under threat from any external force or army.

On the outside of Cwmcarn Forest Visitor Centre is a sculpture created by NONaffArt of willow bees climbing around the side of the building  there are also hexagonal cells of honeycombing attached above the cafe.. Looking across the seating area outside the cafe  is placed giant concrete coins stacked and laying scattered around, one in a column with a bee flying around on the top of metal poles defending the treasure. 

Inside the Cwmcarn Forest Visitor Centre and up the stairs is where the SWARM exhibition is being held. The theme was inspired by both the sculptures and the myth of Bran with one rule that there must be no depiction of bees . It must be an interpretation! when you go into the room, the work is carefully laid out with each piece being individually lit and displayed.

Walking around the exhibition there is a wide range of work covering many diisciplines from drawing. painting, Illustration, printmaking, ceramics, textiles, instillation work and photography. 

A review of SWARM exhibition will appear here soon!

Artists include:

Tania Bryan (Fine Art)

Tina Phillips (Fine Art Textiles)

Frank Aitken (Fine Art/Print)

Olivia-Jade Antonio (Ceramics)

Shelley Shears (Fine Art)

Martin Browning (Ceramics)

Rebecca Hammett (Performance Art)

Louise Soale (Fine Art)

Philip Davies (Fine Art)

Further details and updates coming soon. So watch this space!