Starting to Draw: Some drawing tips…

Some Drawing Tips…

Always avoid smudging any shading you have done as this tends to ‘flatten’ the surface and your drawing can lose any definition.

Experiment with a range of different mark-making techniques when drawing by moving the pencil in
different directions (up, down, left. Right, diagonally, etc.).

Never rest your hand on the paper as this can cause smudging and it also restricts your hand movements which can add expressivity to your work.

If you are unhappy with a drawing study it and try to find out what went wrong as this is the only way you will learn how you can improve your techniques.

When you start a drawing always start by using light pressure on your pencil so that the lines are not too dark and hard to erase.

Try to draw every day. The more you practice the better you get!

Keep your early drawings as you can use these to see how you have progressed.

Try and not to get too discouraged by negative comments. If they can’t draw better than you they have no right to criticise your work

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