New Workshops Starting Soon!

NONaffArt will be running a new block of courses at the Newbridge Memo throughout the coming weeks.


On a Monday we will be introducing a beginner’s animation workshop for 14 to 16-year-olds. In this course, you will be creating a character and designing a setting the character will interact with which will then be used to make a short animation video.

Animation by Chris Halls

You will also explore a range of other techniques of animation including, flip books, cut-out 2D animation, and stop motion techniques to get you on the road to the exciting world of animation.


Tuesday there will be a sensory play and create session for both parents/guardians and their children where you will explore ways to develop your child’s hand-eye co-ordination through using touch with the help of visual arts and crafts processes.

We will also be running a Postcard and print workshop in the afternoon where you can learn about a wide range of printmaking processes and techniques including how to cut a lino plate,the inking and printing processes.

Momotype Printmaking Technique 1
Momotype Printmaking Technique 2

This is followed by a free art club for all ages. Whether you are retired or just starting out these sessions will give you a gentle introduction to the creative art process.

You can also join our beginner’s sculpture session where you will be exploring techniques to produce kinetic 3D sculptures that give the dimension of movement to your work.

Resin sculpture from the beginner’s sculpture session
Insect sculpture from the beginner’s sculpture session


With the hectic pace of life today mental health has become important to us all so we are offering a free wellbeing Wednesday where you can explore techniques to improve mental health and wellbeing through creative arts. Come and join us for a relaxing session where you will use ink and water to create therapeutic artwork to bring peace and calm to your life.


In making memories on the Thursday workshop you will be creating and designing a scrapbook to store all those precious thoughts and memories (maybe to pass on to the next generation of your family or to a friend or loved one).

Making Memories Scrapbooking


You can create a character in our illustration art workshop on a Friday for 8 to 14-year-olds. Learn how to design and give a character personality using a range of different media and illustration techniques.

And if you have always wanted to learn painting techniques using a wide range of media our fine art painting workshop on Friday could be right for you! In these sessions you will learn how to use both pencils and paint to create a painting from a still life setup that will help you to be able to draw and paint from life.


On Saturday, if you feel like a challenge, we will be running our life drawing and figurative sculpture workshop where you will be drawing and painting using a life model and exploring a wide range of painting techniques including light, shape, and form of the human figure.

Finally, our ceramics workshop you will be planning, designing, hand building, and decorating a ceramic piece inspired by traditional Japanese ceramic techniques and processes.

Go to our classes and workshop page for more details and on how you can join us.

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