NONaffArt Artist of the Month: Michael Owen

Congratulations to Michael Owen for being our first NONaffArt Artist of the Month! Michael has attended all of our figurative ceramic sessions at the Newbridge Memo as a complete beginner to sculpting, yet over just a short period of time achieved work of such a high quality and detail.

When he was in school, Michael was told that he could not paint and draw, which has put Michael off creating art for years. Since he joined NONaffArt and attended Fine Art, Print, Life Drawing, and Figurative Sculptural Ceramics, both his confidence and creative skills have grown. His work is going from strength to strength in every subject, and his ability to learn from and improve on his mistakes during these sessions shows growing confidence in his creative abilities. His technical skills show a strong understanding of shape, form, proportion, and mark-making.

Michael, you have produced a wonderful figurative sculptural piece that shows both excellent technical and observational skills and is also a strong piece of sculpture. We can’t wait to see where you go next!

With the right support, anyone can learn to create art. All it takes is dedication, a willingness to learn, confidence, support, and encouragement from the right art teachers!

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