Welcome return of our resident artist Philip Davies

Philip Davies has rejoined us at our studio in the Newbridge Memo after a 6-month residency last year. He has a new studio space to create more of his wonderful artwork. He has recently embarked on new techniques and media for his new work.

Philip was born in Newport, South Wales, and currently resides in the Rhymney Valley, Caerphilly.. He studied at the Cardiff School of Art and graduated with a B.A. in fine art and a Master’s in Fine Art

To quote Philip “The thin line between imagination and reality is whare my artwork emerges drawing inspiration from myth, symbolism, unconscious thought. I am deeply interested in the unnatural, the strange and mysterious. This interest has instilled in me a sense to explore and represent the enigmatic in my artwork.”

My art is how I converse with these experiences, my own way to comprehend the world through creating a personal language and symbolism that interacts with my deepest inner thoughts.”

His work uses strong, expressive mark-making combined with bold use of tone and colour to produce some incredibly powerful work that uses a range of mixed media.