10th Anniversary Splatter Party for Daniel and Louise

NONaffArt would like to wish a happy 10th anniversary to Daniel and Louise Hathway (with their daughter Lila). We set up a splatter party for them and their daughter so that they could have fun creating their own unique artwork to celebrate the anniversary. They had the full package we offer including splatter painting on large canvases followed by spin painting mini canvases all washed down with wine during the break from all the creativeness. In all they created 4 beautiful, individual paintings during the session.

They later said on Facebook that they “had such an amazing morning for our 10-year anniversary. The folks over at NONaffArt did an amazing job setting up our paint splatter activity. Was an amazing way to celebrate.

Thank you so much to everyone who set this up, I am honestly so grateful. You really made the day feel special and you we’re so accommodating. Everyone at NoNaffArt went above and beyond to make sure we had a super fun morning, it felt like we really got spoiled. They completely smashed all of my expectations. It was messy in the best of ways. You we’re all so good with my daughter too and she has been on a high all day because of it. Thank you for helping us celebrate our anniversary in such a fun and unique way.

“Everyone go check them out they are doing amazing stuff for the community and really helped me put this all together and were the only ones in the area who considered it and made it happen.”

we would like to thank Daniel and Louise and their adorable daughter Lila for approaching us for their splatter party. It was fun to plan and set up. We enjoyed it as much as they did!

Splatter Parties are great creative way to have fun with art even if you have little experience of painting! It is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. The events are suitable for a wide range of occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, personal celebrations and as a team building exercise! You can work together on a large canvas or individually on a smaller one and create work that you can then take home (or to the office) and hang on the wall.

You can literally get messy and throw paint around in an enclosed environment. Protective equipment will be supplied along with paints, brushes and canvases. All you need to do is turn up and have fun! We have a range of options that you can choose from.

If this is something that would interest you, please email us for a personalised quotation. Party and events are customised to suit every occasion.

You can come to our venue, or we can travel to a location of your choice.

Email: NONaffArt@gmail.com
Tel: 07581 26587

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