Box Art Gallery

Introducing the Box Gallery

NONaffArt is proud to announce the opening of a gallery space in our studio at the Newbridge Memo which will be hosting work by members of the studio. Each month an artist will be presenting recent and ongoing work that can be viewed in the gallery space during the opening times of the studio.

Olivia is a resident ceramicist at NONaffArt.

Olivia originally studied Fine Art in college and moved on to specialise in ceramics, finishing with a BA (Hons) in the subject from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2019.


Olivia specialises in hand built sculptural ceramic forms. The idea behind this particular collection, working with the exhibition title ‘Swarm’, is to explore the many variations of form that showcase within the fungi species, spread throughout the world in silent and unseen swarms of fungal spores with the result of a large interconnecting network.

Frank Aitken: Monotype Prints

The works are inspired by memories of different locations experienced both in the past and more recently. He did not use visual reference when creating the work as he wanted to explore his own recollection, feelings, and experiences of the environments depicted.

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